Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Eldritch: lessons 027

Oh man, I only had a couple of days to get this done. And it shows. Sorry about that folks, hopefully I haven’t made too many errors.

Aaaaaanyway, I’m gonna keep this pretty short, mostly because there aren’t any folkloric references in here. However, while I think there are only… maybe three people who remember it now, in highschool, had been writing a werewolf story, way back when I was really working out my Grahll werewolves, and Travis and Loren were the main characters. I never finished the story… but my mind often wanders back to them, and because of this, I set Eldritch in the world I started way back then.

In other news, hopefully, my life will be less crazy soon. The art show is finished, and I made enough to buy the expensive supplies for my next monster costume, so I’m all excited. Though, oddly enough, my one little werewolf piece that I did for the show didn’t sell. God, people love their gryphons and dragons though.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and stay frosty!


  1. I'm such a terrible fan! I haven't commented in forever. Sorry...

    But I'll try harder to display my appreciation for the comic, too many awesome comics have run dry because of the lack of viewer support.

    Anywho, awesome page but what a sad story. If only they hadn't turned the poor girl nobody would have had any problems! What can you do? People make mistakes, sometimes fatal ones...

    The one werewolf work didn't sell?! Well hey how much you want for it? I'm always looking for good art.


  2. You can't really tell this was rushed. The flashback scenes are just that. Slightly blurred to show that it's part of the past. Makes a nice contrast =^^=